Investor Relations
Investor Relations

ChelPipe’s overall strategic objectives are to strengthen its leading position as a steel pipe producer for the Russian market and to become a leading supplier of integrated solutions for oil and gas distribution and production in Russia.

To advance its objective, ChelPipe plans to pursue the following strategies:

  • enhance leading position in Russian LDP market
  • leverage integrated platform to become a supplier of «turn-key» LDP pipeline solutions to Russian pipeline sponsors
  • expand sales of high margin OCTG and Line Pipe to the Russian oil and gas industry
  • leverage platform to become a provider of a fully integrated package of oil well products and services to the Russian oil and gas industry

ChelPipe Competitive Strengths:

  • leading Russian pipe producer in afast-growing market
  • wide range of pipe products for oil and gas and industrial applications
  • high-quality customer base within the Russian oil and gas sector
  • modern production facilities
  • favorable cost structure
  • ability to offer comprehensive LDP pipeline solutions and oilfield services
  • experienced management with proven track record and modern business practices
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