Social Responsibility
Environmental Protection

Chelyabinsk Pipe is subject to laws, regulations and other legal requirements relating to the protection of the environment, including those governing the discharge of substances into the air and water, the management and disposal of hazardous substances and waste, the cleanup of contaminated sites, flora and fauna protection and wildlife protection.

ChelPipe has been developing and implementing environmental protection programmes. Such programmes include measures to aid in adhering to the limits imposed on air and water pollution and storage of industrial waste, introduction of environmentally friendly industrial technologies, the construction of purification and filtering facilities, the repair and reconstruction of industrial water supply systems, the installation of metering systems, reforestation and the recycling of water and industrial waste.

ChelPipe strives to ensure that the activity of its subsidiaries conforms to world standards and environmental legislation. ChelPipe’s primary goal in this respect is to make environmental protection an integral part of its business.

ChelPipe’s subsidiaries have implemented and constantly upgraded the integrated environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001 international standard

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